as you all know, i am the sole authority on everything that is good and pure in this world.
if you like something that i don't like, you're basically going to hell. that's the honest truth! thankfully, i don't have very high standards. this page will be a list of all my absolute favorite movies, comics, artworks, etc- the 8/10s to 10/10s of everything i've seen. i'll try to keep this page as current as possible. before clicking most of these links, i suggest you download a free, safe, adblocker extension for your browser:
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witch hat atelier ✦ witch hat atelier is probably the only manga i've ever read that i would rank a 10/10. from art, to characters, to worldbuilding, to plot, everything about this manga makes me feel like i'm going to pass out from the sheer quality and beauty of it all. the story follows a young girl named coco, who only wants to be a witch. there's just one problem- as far as any non-witches know, witches are born, not made. this all changes when she learns that magic isn't conjured from some innate ability, but drawn! this expands into a crazy in-depth magic system which is fits in so seamlessly with the worldbuilding that there are rational, complex political and ethical issues relating to it. this story also features a nearly completely abolished gender binary (at least in witch culture), commentary on discrimination against disabled people, refuses to normalize sexual assault in manga/anime, and a diverse cast. what sticks out the most to me in this story are the portrayals of being an artist, and all the struggles and magic that come with it- combined with the beautiful artwork, reading witch hat atelier is enough to make me pick up a pencil and draw. read here

nope ✦ nope is a horror movie about oj, a horse rancher who trains horses for movies/tv, and his struggle to keep his family's farm afloat after the death of his father and the arrival of something... supernatural. the trailers for this movie didn't reveal much about the plot and honestly i don't think i should reveal much either. just know that if you watch nope, you'll experience: one of the sickest creature designs ever conceived, an incredibly thematically rich story about exploitation in the film industry, some amazing sound design, and plenty of bad miracles. when i saw this in theaters, i left feeling like my mind had been expanded. watch here

goatlings ✦ goatlings is a pet adoption game that has huge early web vibes- and to me, that's what gives it its charm and makes it stand out. all the other pet collection games i've seen try to be super complicated to hold people's attention. in the end what i really appreciate about goatlings are the beautiful pet designs that drop once or twice a month that you only customize through the name, html description, and by assigning a few ingame items to their inventory. if you like grinding and nothing else, this is the game for you. this game has taught me that i probably have addictive tendencies based on how many times i've grinded in the barebones battle system for a few of the items i want (or want to resell). goatlings strives for inclusivity, with pronouns and neopronouns tags, many skin tones (including vitiligo), and disability aids that can be added to your avatar. goatlings is built on passion and love and that's what makes it great. play here

mob psycho 100 ✦ mob psycho 100 is the anime that got me into anime. i sincerely believe, out of all the anime i've watched, that mob psycho is the best for americans who've never been able to get into anime. its art style is less overwhelmingly stylized and there's almost no Wackass Anime Bullshit that's oh-so-common in anime and manga. the story follows mob, an insanely powerful psychic, and his struggles with friendship, identity, and finding his place in the world. he could just use his psychic powers to impres everyone and become popular, except for one thing- he's way too nice for that. he trains under reigen arataka, an exorcist who doesn't really have any psychic powers. mob should be able to tell that his mentor is a huge fraud, but he's comedically naive and looks up to reigen too much. comedy, coming-of-age, friendship, heartbreak, and self-acceptance ensues. the story is heartwarming and the animation is absolutely incredible (and experimental at times, so extra points for that!) i've only watched the anime and read the standalone manga spinoff, but mob psycho 100 is one of those stories that makes me want to draw under every circumstance. watch here

ethan pope ✦ ethan pope is a comic artist with an art style so impeccable that every time i look at it i get physically overwhelmed. it's just so beautiful, guys. if i could steal any one person's art style for my own, it would be ethan pope's. unfortunately the technology to do so does not exist but i have my engineers working on it. so far, i've read his two most recent comics: hell's harmonica and mamo mojo #1. both slap harder than a harbor seal wwe wrestler. he's not a well-known artist so pirating his stuff would be morally objectionable. pay the $3-15 bucks it's SO worth it. you can buy his stuff here and follow him on instagram here.