what i've noticed over the course of many summers is that i end up going back to school completely, for the lack of a better word, braindead. to combat that, i've decided to pick up reading again! i used to be a big reader but then the internet ruined my life. over the summer, i've decided to read 10 novels (not including graphic novels, but i'll definitely be reading those too!). i know some people read way more than that regularly, but it's a big number for me, so shaddup. i love the library!!!!

1/10 books read so far

a satisfying modern corporate romance, but something is wrong...
 usually i get bored of romance (aro moment) but god did this blow me away! the twists were crazy- my jaw dropped at 40 pages left and was slack for the whole rest of the book. the corporate language used is both clever, hilarious, and sickening. the characters feel like real people you could find in a modern trendy, "socially aware" corporate office.
 the story follows ava, an engineer at a furniture company called stada (think ikea). she specializes in designing boxes and containers. she puts her whole being into it- workaholism induced by the traumatic car crash she was in that killed both her parents and her fiancee. her life has been like this for years until, one day, the new marketing manager bounces into her life. he's literally perfect, and even though he's the first man ava's ever been with, they're madly in love. their workplace romance is hindered by their no-fun boss judith and the vandalism of stada's second tower after a community garden was razed for it's construction. crazy shit ensues.