atelier? i hardly knowliay!

witch hat atelier is a fantasy manga about the struggles of being a young artist and finding your place in a subtly broken world. featuring men confident in dresses, moral quandaries, actually interesting female characters, and a creature that's 70% tail (see page background).


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my stuff

this is where i'll put my witch hat atelier pictures and drawings, when i have the time.


i've made/edited some witch hat atelier-related pictures to put on my website. now you can put it on your website, too!

my stuff: this is stuff made entirely by me. feel free to use it and link back to this website!

not my stuff: these are official graphics drawn by kamome shirahama, the artist who created witch hat atelier. if you use it, credit her and link to her twitter!

these gifs are 88x31 button sized!

wha blog -*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ i have too many thoughts about each new chapter as it releases so i thought i'd make a box here on the shrine page. contains spoilers!

4/27/23 - one more month until the new chapter + the simulpub! excited to not have to spend two weeks tiptoeing around spoilers from the people who don't wait for the english fanslation. anticlimactic first blog update but oh hwell!