welcome to the gallery

my occasional drawings. right click > open in new tab to see at full size. no resharing please!

a little furry guy. just a little fellow. like once a year i go through a hardcore furry phase and they're all i want to draw. i kinda like this character so i think i'll keep drawing them


ashton from critical role. they are so fun to draw i love their hair


tetia and coco from witch hat atelier. i feel like tetia is the type of person to cry when other people cry
microns on mixed media paper


i love the silhouettes formed by the main girls' cloaks. i've been looking into buying a wha cosplay and i really hope the silhouette has a similar level of buoyancy. if not i might buy an additional petticoat or smth
microns on mixed media paper


astarion from baldur's gate 3 dressed up like he's in this music video. i wanted to draw him in a cute outfit


a self portrait assignment from my media arts class. sometimes i feel less like a person and more like an animal. i just don't understand people at all sometimes and it worries me


my friend's dnd character. brainstormed and executed while being egged on in call


my dnd character


i love the blood splatters that accumulate on the characters in baldur's gate 3


a doodle i drew while listening to siren by the correspondents


i be feeling like a bug sometimes


the blood lovers of baldur's gate 3


don't ask me what this is don't ask me what it is i don't remember i don't remember where i am i don't know what my name is


one of my first pictures of my baldur's gate 3 character. was still trying to figure out how to draw him and what his character was. not really accurate of him anymore tbh.


the arrival of fall always gives me complicated feelings. the first cool breeze while it's still summer always inspires something


i dared to ask, "what if kasane teto was a doggirl?"


my accurate and true headcanon that n from pokemon black/white has a boston accent


doodle page of miku from rabbit hole by DECO*27.


doodle page of my oc nora, with lyrics from know your rights by the clash


doodle page of my oc eli, with lyrics from ghetto defendants by the clash. i drew this and the similar page the night before i left for vacation.


a reference i made of one of my ocs, plus some extra details for artfight. right click > open in new tab to read the text better


a reference i made of one of my ocs, plus some extra details for artfight. right click > open in new tab to read the text better


made from a garfieldsona picrew my friends and i were playing with.. i thought it was genuinely really cute so i drew what i made to represent myself. here's the original picture i made if you're interested.


i made a human version of my main goatlings pet. i adopted them in 2019 when i first started then abandoned it for 4 years. when i came back they had the highest stats so i never switched them out. i did the painting on the right then realized "wait, this guy needs clothes" but i really liked how the feathers were drawn so i kept it. he has a really melodramatic convoluted backstory in my head.


releasing a coke zero and laffy taffy into the wild by a giant eagle


the neighbor's cat came over to say hi


my garage


when they were building this library at trinity college in dublin, they poured concrete into big wooden boxes. they removed the concrete from the boxes, but the grain, divots, and knots from the wooden boards remained.