welcome to shrimp temple, my site on the internet!
let's be honest, self-expression doesn't really exist
on all the big social medias like instagram and twitter.
hence: this website!
this site was designed and tested on a 1920x1080 screen
on firefox. things might be a bit broken on chrome.

updates -*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

10.27.23 - new drawings in the gallery. new blog post
10.24.23 - new blog post
10.20.23 - added more drawings to the gallery
9.04.23 - added more songs to the tunes page. added description for make room album. still most of these album descriptions are unwritten :( added 2 drawings to the gallery
9.03.23 - added more drawings to the gallery
6.25.23 - new blog post. added to-do list
6.17.23 - new blog post. added pictures to gallery
6.09.23 - new blog post. also added blog post titles so people can read what they think looks most interesting. also added title, generated on textcraft
6.06.23 - new blog post. made update box bigger. ahh much better
6.04.23 - added custom shrimp cursor!! life is beautiful
6.03.23 - added blog page and made my first blog post. added two drawings to the gallery. udpdated the site background. added favicon
5.27.23 - added witch hat atelier shrine and book challenge pages
5.07.23 - added some pictures to the gallery
5.07.23 - gallery added
4.29.23 - torrent guide added
4.28.23 - added music player
4.27.23 - update box created. hello, world! :)
4.25.23 - site created, first version started